Charity Collection

We are very proud to announce we have teamed up with a local Charity T.A.S.C.A Action for social communication and Autism. As a mum of a little boy with ASD i have realised how hard it can be for parents and children to do every day things such as days out. T.A.S.C.A are a parent run support group working and helping directly with families, giving them the opportunity to get out more and have lots of FUN. Our funds will go towards day trips out, support for families and weekend breaks.
  1. To offer support to families and carers of people with Autism and related disorders.
  2. To increase awareness of communication and social disorders in our local area.
  3. To collect and share information and advice related to Autism and social and communication difficulties.
  4. To encourage friendship and support between group members and their families.
  5. To provide opportunities for children and their families to partake in leisure activities.
  6. To offer life enhancing experiences and opportunities.


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